I was a little nervous beginning Yoga Teacher Training.  My body was in its worst shape in my life and I wondered if I would be suitable to complete teacher training.  However, I also knew that yoga was so much more than what I was capable of physically… I just didn’t know enough about it and wanted to know more.  I entered into the program mostly for personal development reasons.  I wanted to confidently say, “I’m a yogi,” and understand what that really meant.  I got a lot more than I bargained for.  Meaghan and Bobby offer an incredible depth of knowledge, compassion, and excellence in teaching.  They opened my mind through practice, teachings, readings, assignments, discussions, and encouragement to do our own personal exploration of yoga.  The personal experiences that Meaghan and Bobby bring have not only created an outstanding program, but have made it interesting and fun.  Their ability to lead created not only an amazing class, but a cohesive community of yogis.  I gained a much deeper understanding of yoga – not only how to teach the poses, but all aspects of yoga to bring mind, body, and spirit together – and I feel confident teaching classes after taking this program.  I have definitely deepened my personal practice and knowledge… and I am a yoga teacher.  I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in deepening their own personal yoga practice, understanding yoga as a tool for spiritual development, or teaching yoga.

-Tina Pomroy, 2015 participant

Thank-You to Bobby and Meaghan for organizing such a life changing RYTT Program. You are inspiring women and teachers who have encouraged me to listen to my body, from the feeling in my muscles right down to a cellular level. Instead of trying to pull, push, or guilt myself into Yoga poses, I’m learning the power of my Breath. Poses and trains of Healing thought that I had never thought possible are now within reach. For anyone who loves Yoga and learning, this program is a fulfilling experience. You won’t believe how fast it goes and how much you will learn about yourself.

-Claire Belanger, 2012 Graduate

*note that some program information has changed since the filming of this video